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Contact us

If you need further assistance give us a call at 815-633-1201 and we will be glad to help you!

**Please Note: **
In order to expedite the proofing process, we are requesting the following: 

-If you upload a logo please submit your logo in vector format

-Vector file formats include (.ai, .eps, or adobe illustrator .pdf files)

-If none of those are available to you, a high resolution .png file will work ONLY if it is sent with a transparent background.

**Please note: **

-This does not apply to you if you are not including a logo with your order

-If you have ordered signs with us previously, and are planning on using the same artwork and there are no changes needed.

- Screen shots, photos of company t-shirts, hats, business cards etc., unfortunately cannot be used to produce or recreate your logo.

If you would like to check status of an order submission, please email

If you want to check artwork submission and/or have questions regarding artwork, please email .  
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